• Enjoy a truly unforgettable Amathole Horse Trail ride at Terra Khaya on gentle and friendly horses.
  • Grab a mountain bike and head into the forested hills and valleys for an unsurpassed mud-splattering easy or extreme pedal-powered adventure.
  • Abseil Madonna & Child Waterfall.
  • Explore 4×4 trails along the forested escarpment of the Amathole Mountain Range.
  • Sundowners and snacks at an awe-inspiring panoramic site on the edge of middle earth.
  • Discover countless breathtaking hikes through the mountains and forests that inspired J.R. Tolkien as a child; enchanted indigenous forests with ancient trees, cascading waterfalls and spectacular views, the perfect recipe for a visual and sensory feast!
  • Forage for edible mushrooms – if you are unsure, leave them for the fairies!
  • Wind down with sundowners and snacks at an awe-inspiring panoramic viewpoint on the edge of middle earth.
  • Go bird and wildlife watching and look out for Knysna Loeries, the endangered Cape Parrot and chatty Samango Monkeys.
  • Adventurous travellers can enjoy abseiling or cycling with Hogsback Adventures.


The Labyrinth @ The Edge: All are welcome to experience walking the Labyrinth at the Edge whilst enjoying the spectacular views and their garden, which is one of the largest in the world. For many centuries the Labyrinth has been used as a pathway to spiritual discovery and fulfilment and is used as a means to enhance prayerful attitudes, intimacy, meditative states, and spiritual focus, The Chartres design, eleven-circuit Labyrinth, is one of the most intricate Labyrinth designs, with a diameter of 29m and a circumference of 91m. After your walk enjoy a delicious lunch or slice of carrot cake at the restaurant.

St Patricks Chapel: The Chapel of St Patrick-on-the-Hill is a famous landmark in Hogsback. It is possibly the only church in South Africa that is never locked. Please feel free to go in for prayer and meditation any time on any day, and remember to use our lovely prayer walk.

The Arboretum: One of the oldest gardens in Hogsback, the Arboretum – meaning a place where trees are grown for study and display – was established in 1884, by the British Colonial Government of the time. In the 1800’s the steady influx of settlers, and later on the discovery of diamonds and gold in South Africa, created an endless demand for timber – for homes, for furniture, for wagons and wheels, for tools, and for ships. The seemingly endless and bountiful indigenous forests of the Eastern Cape were being pillaged and destroyed in the quest for easy timber. The damage to the forests of the land was enormous and seemingly endless. Tree farming/forestry was started to meet the demand, and to sow the destruction of indigenous forest areas.

The Eco-Shrine: Diana guides visitors around the paintings and sculptures in the award-winning Eco-Shrine, set in stunning surroundings. Diana is an eco-artist and her studio is open to the public.Open on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays, weather permitting.+27 45 962 1136

The Magnificent Mirrors Garden: Ken and Suneya have pleasure in inviting you to ‘lose yourself in their garden and find yourself in its Circles of Light Labyrinth’. This beautiful garden is fully described in their book, Gardens of Hogsback, obtainable from their shop. Explore ‘MIRRORS’, relaxing in the healing surroundings inspired by the energy of the 180 million-year-old Dolomite Stone Circle and experience nature’s luxurious carpet, walking barefoot on the Wishing Trees moss.

Starways Arts Centre & Rose Theatre: Welcomes visitors seven days a week from 10 am till late. Daily tours of the Pottery, the Forest Gallery of latest artworks and the eco-friendly ‘Rose Theatre’ built in the trees. In honour of the Award-winning potter Anton van der Merwe.

The Saturday Morning Market – Under the Oaks  @ The Edge

The locals crawl out of their coves to meet under the Old Oak Tree, yellow ribbon and all. Come meet the forest folk and see what goodies they’ve created, Homemade delicacies include fresh trout and pate’s, locally grown fresh produce, wood-fired breads, locally made jewellery, beautiful crystals and hand-spun wool creations. You never know who or what you’ll find, but it’s always an awesome opportunity to meet, greet and eat! Expect nothing, but be prepared for everything…