The Horses at Terra-Khaya

We practice natural horsemanship and believe in forming trusting partnerships with our friendly, well-trained and easy to ride horses.



The queen of the pack, Mustang is the mother of 3 of our horses and a granny of Indie. Her name is a pure indication of her free spirit and zest for speed and running. She is a feisty ride and therefore only ridden by staff or very experienced riders. Mustang is mix of American Sadler, Friesian & Thoroughbred and stands 15,1 hands.


Mustang’s oldest child and mother of Indie, Tammy is a true beauty and confidence builder. She is 15,2 hands with a touch of Arab. She is a real tender soul who is gentle and easy to ride. She is great for both beginners and experienced riders, as her intuitive nature allows her to interpret the rider’s needs with ease.


This BIG gentle cuddly boy is a Friesian, Percheron and SA Boerperd mix. His soft, loving and caring nature makes him a wonderful companion for the rider who is not scared of heights as he offers a relaxed and gentle ride. Baloo is a fantastic listener and responds very well to voice commands. Baloo is a very comfy bareback ride and allows experienced riders to free-ride him with out a halter or rains.

Baron & Barok

These two loving young half brothers are registered SA Boerperd geldings. They are two peas from different pods, well-trained, good listeners, very responsive and easy to ride. If and when required, these boys both have the ability to run for long distances at a good speed. They are two soft, cuddly, inquisitive & lovable creatures that just want to please.


Jango’s younger brother, Origin, is fast following in his big brother’s hoof prints. Curious and free spirited, this young colt is destined to work his ways into your heart. With every passing day we are amazed at how these two brothers are so much alike.


Mustang and Indies beautiful baby boy born on the 13th of August 2011. Our new colt with an African shaped third eye.

Four-legged friends no longer with us


Tammy's beautiful baby girl born on the 13th of November 2011. Our new filly with an African shaped third eye. She shares the same free roaming Percheron father as Jango & Origin.


This fast growing young gun is the son of Mustang and his father is a very big Percheron stallion who roams free in the area. He is a bright boy who has a mind of his own – he likes to jump over gates and fences yet is extremely lovable and enjoys a good scratch on the backside.


Tammy’s son and our not so little chestnut model child, Indie is still in training and not yet ready for riding. He is going to be a powerful, responsive horse and we are sure looking forward to riding him on trails.