PDC Workshops

The focus of the workshops is to help us reconnect with nature at a deep level. When we are free of the illusion that we are separate from nature, only then can we apply techniques such as Permaculture design, which we will be exploring on this workshop, in a life enhancing way.

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About Tim

It was this love for nature that in 1980 drove Tim to seek ways of farming with nature rather than working against nature, the way industrial agriculture does. Shocked into action by the damage he saw being done to the soil by the use of agricultural chemicals, Tim spent the next twenty years establishing his farm Ikhwezi Lokusa into a highly advanced Permaculture system that has been an inspiration for people who have visited there from all over the world.

Later another crisis of conscience drove Tim to focus on sharing Natural Farming with people in villages in the former Transkei and Ciskei. This crisis was also inspired by a love of nature. When Tim saw the environmental degradation occurring in the areas where he was working, he was driven to resign his job as a development co-ordinator, and form Earth Harmony Innovators. This work has seen the establishment of resilient and productive homesteads in a number of rural villages.

A participant on one of the Earth Harmony workshops said:“I see now that Natural Farming is not just another technology but a way of life”.

And this is the essence of what this workshop will be about; creating a deep appreciation for nature and the way ecosystem processes work.

It is this appreciation that becomes the foundation for using tools like Permaculture Design, Holistic Management and green building in order to design landscapes around human settlements that are vibrant, healthy and self-regenerating.

Tim believes that it is when our decisions are inspired by a love of nature and a desire to be in step with the powerfully regenerative processes of nature, then tools like Permaculture Design become powerful tools with which we can transform the face of the earth.

The courses will be assisted by:

Shane Eades – Earth Guardian at Terra-Khaya: Earth Home ProjectHogsback in general and Terra-Khaya (Earth Home Project) in particular is an ideal setting for us to fire up our love for this beautiful planet.We are hoping that the people who attend will leave with both a deep sense of connection with nature, as well as an understanding of how natural processes work.We hope you leave inspired and ready to live abundantly in a way that enhances all life around us.

These topics are the basket of tools we would like to present and use as we seek to work with nature in a regenerative way:
  • Life of the Soil
  • Mulching
  • Compost Making
  • Succession and Productivity
  • Communities of Plants (Guilds)
  • Permaculture Principles
  • Natural Farming
  • Organic Gardening Methods
  • Listening, Observing & Allowing the Land to tell you!
  • Design Principles
  • Water Cycle
  • Sun Energy
  • “Pests” and Protection
  • Tree Planting
  • Food Forests
  • Seedling Production
  • Herbs and Healing
  • Vetiver Grass
  • Sacred Eating
  • Living Fences
  • Eight Laws of Health
  • Local Exchange Trading System
  • Mycology
  • Water-harvesting & Keyline Principals
  • Living Off-Grid

Respect – Reduce – Reuse – Repair – Reforest – Rethink – Recycle – Replant . . . .