Off the beaten track, off the grid and off the hook, Terra-Khaya is a vibrant mountain-top sanctuary high in the hills of Hogsback. A warm welcome awaits wild wanderers, families and conscious explorers in our creative and comfy eco-lodge; built from nature, recycled materials and passion. Enjoy good times & healthy cooking in our permaculture paradise – run on renewable energy and vibrant community spirit! Click here for more information


Please note that as this is an eco-friendly family and traveler’s lodge which is also 100% off the grid! We do not have any electrical plug points in the rooms and there are no TV’s. There are solar generated plug points for computers & phones in the communal area.The hot bath/showers and composting toilets (modern-day long-drops) are a short distance from the rooms. Our accommodation and camping is a short walk from the car park and the terrain is undulating and hilly. Although our alternate method of living is simple and unconventional, we have not compromised on comfort, flair and style.


Terra-Khaya is a home for happy wanderers, adventurers, freethinkers, nature lovers, spiritual beings and the open minded.As we have become more popular, we occasionally get guests who choose to ignore our descriptions of what we adhere to and stand for. If you choose us merely because of our low prices, please rethink your choice – we are not about to change into something in the main stream, that you were hoping we should be.We are not the average party/bar style backpacker and generally offer a more relaxed/chilled/family environment.Racists, sexists, bigots, haters and negative people are not at all welcome!


Please note that as this is an Eco-lodge and we are 100% off the grid: • We do not have any electrical plug points in the rooms and there are no TV facilities. • The bath, shower and composting toilets (modern-day long-drops) are away from the rooms. • Our hot water and stove are heated off fires from the wattle trees that by law, we have to reduce in number. • Our accommodation and camping is a short walk from the car park and the terrain is undulating and hilly. • Although our alternate method of living is simple and unconventional, we have not compromised on comfort, flair and style.


Terra-Khaya offers a unique eco-experience on a peaceful permaculture farm, promoting conscious-living through holistic farming and using permaculture principles. We aim to bring back the healthy diversity of the soil and environment, through respect for the land and by designing landscapes that mimic patterns and relationships found in nature, whilst yielding an abundance of food, materials and energy for provision of our needs. We are also honoured to host Tim Wigley’s – Reconnecting with Nature PDC Retreats, throughout the year.


In our quest to tread more lightly on our Earth Mother, we have undertaken to build all of our structures on the farm using natural building techniques and recycled “salvaged” materials. Through innovative up-cycling endeavours, playing with soil and dreaming big, we have created a unique lodge that celebrates a beautiful balance of rustic and comfortable living. Click here for information on our Natural Building Workshops


Take a horse-trail through the beautiful Amathole Mountains and Hogsback Forests with “bareback-riding Shane” and our well-trained and easy to ride steeds. Using natural horsemanship techniques and no bits, the horses respond warmly to every rider.If you’re looking for a life-enhancing African experience, our overnight horse trails are for you.Our 4-day trails cover 120kms of picturesque countryside and diverse African culture. Sleep under the stars, stay with a Xhosa family and enjoy the comfort of a pristine farmstead before returning to Terra-Khaya.


We welcome four legged friends, as long as your companions are farm friendly. We have lots of Dogs, Cats, Chickens, Turkeys, Goats and Horses.Our friendly dogs and cats are a part of our family and frequent the kitchen and lounge; they don’t mind sharing the couches with you.If you are not fond of dogs, cats and animals, Terra-Khaya is not for you!


Arrive in Hogsback with public transport and get your first nights’ accommodation FREE, if you get all the way to Terra-Khaya, we will throw in a FREE BEER & DINNER too!!!We believe that most backpackers in South Africa are missing out by not travelling around the country on local transport. Not only are minibuses and non-tourist buses much cheaper, but they are also the best way to meet interesting people and to learn about local culture. We recommend a crowded bakkie/taxi filled with people, chickens, groceries and laughs over luxury transport any day. Click here for more information


We warmly encourage guests to join us for meals. By eating communally, we get to spend time with each other, meet new people, share ideas and learn about our various cultures.Food that is prepared in larger quantities saves resources. When produce is harvested on the farm, bought locally or in bulk, we reduce the amount of packaging that is brought onto the premises and therefore have less waste to manage. Washing up all at once, uses fewer detergents and less water.We are not strictly vegetarian, however most days we prepare delicious vegetarian meals, and we only prepare meat dishes 2/3 times a week.If you do bring your own food to Terra-Khaya, please be conscious about the amount of wrapping/packaging that is used.Self-caterers are charged an additional R15.00pp/dinner for the use of the kitchen and facilities.


We offer hiking. horse riding and cycling combo tours. Join us for a hike from Elundini Village to Terra Khaya, or experience an overnight horse trail. For the wild adventurer (and experienced rider) we offer 3 night horse trails that are a truly unforgettable experience. Click here for more information on our Wild Adventures.