At Amathole Horse Trails, we practice a style of natural/holistic horsemanship and believe in forming trusting partnerships with our friendly, well-trained and easy to ride horses. All our horses are ridden without bits in their mouths and gently respond to the lightest of voice commands.

MUSTANG: The granny of the pack and mother of Tammy, Jango, Origin, Shiva and Savuka. Her name is a pure indication of her free spirit. She retired in 2015 and now leads a chilled life of leisure.

TAMMY:   Mustang’s oldest child and mother of Indie, Impi, Sibu and Music. Tammy is the matriarch of the herd, a true beauty and tender soul who is gentle and easy to ride.

BALOO:    This big gentle cuddly boy has a soft, loving and caring nature. He is a fantastic listener and responds very well to voice commands even though slightly stubborn at times

BARON:   Barok’s half brother and loyal friend, Baron has a beautiful temperament and is a lovely willing ride always attentive and stoked for a good run. He is a bit of a dreamer and tends to drift off. A focused rider will motivate his optimum.

BAROK:    Is a lovely little Boerperd gelding with lots of speed and stamina, and a soft loving and gentle soul. He’s a gem of a ride, and goes like a Boeing!

JANGO:   Jango, aka the ‘Sheriff’, is the gentle giant in the herd with the softest, kindest heart and older brother to Origin. He is a free spirited Unicorn who does not understand the meaning of fences and likes to go where he pleases.

ORIGIN:   Is just the most happy-go-lucky and ever so good looking guy. Always eager to please and keen for some fun. He is the son of Mustang and his father is a wild stocky Percheron who runs free in the mountains. 

SHIVA:   The good looker in the herd, Shiva is full of life yet soft, loving and caring. He is a good listener, responds to the lightest of commands and always stoked for adventure and fun.

APACHE:    Is new to the herd and a bit strong-headed at times but with a loving and understanding nature. He has totally adapted to his free and wild lifestyle in the mountains.

IMPI:    Impi is Jango’s son and besides being a little smaller, he is the spitting image of his dad, with a similar soft and caring nature. Impi is the dreamer of the herd and is quite happy to hang at the back, smell the flowers and watch the sunsets.

ALCHEMIST:   This young gun is a real stunner and fast learner. He is fast on his feet and always alert and willing. He is the perfect steed for an experienced rider who’s keen for some speed and fun. 

FIDEL:    Fidel is a handsome young chap with a lot of attitude and flare. He is freshly in training at the moment and learning fast

MARIMBA:   Marimba was a wild horse who adopted the herd at a young age after his mother passed away. He is promising to be a good sturdy ride.

MYSTIC:    Mystic is the only son of the late Kefiele. He is a wonderful young chap with an intriguing friendly nature. He is a wild spirit that loves a good cuddle and scratch.

MUSIC:    Music is a festival all in one, always bouncing around, full of life and looks just like papa Shiva. He is definitely going to bring an up-tempo beat to our rides and adventures.