Terra-Khaya was founded in March 2010 on Chillington Farm in Hogsback. The Backpackers, as an eco-friendly sustainable earth project, is an experimental venture that flagships the ethos of life “off the grid”. We aim, through our methods of living and building, to be an example to both our visitors and locals, that conscious living and respect for Mother Earth is something that is mutually simple and rewarding.

All our comfortable accommodation & buildings are constructed using a blend of eco-friendly, creative, innovative, modern design and traditional building techniques.

We ask that our guests walk lightly, by respecting our principles and practices that help us preserve our environment, respect the land and our local community. Through conscious living, creativity, education and willpower, change can happen and will have positive effects on our planet and our lives.

We are energized to share our way of life and experiences with you and hopefully share some interesting ideas, insights and knowledge together.

We welcome you to Terra-Khaya, our ‘Earth Home Project’ and trust that you will enjoy your stay with us, be inspired by our contributions to our beautiful Mother Earth and leave with a sense of expanded love for all life.

Please note that as this is an eco-friendly backpackers and we are 100% off the grid, we do not have any electrical plug points in the rooms and there are no computer or TV facilities. The ablutions and toilets are all outside and our hot water and stove are heated off fires from the wattle trees that by law, we have to reduce in numbers. Although our alternate method of living is simple and unconventional, we have not compromised on comfort, flair and style.

We warmly encourage guests to join us for meals. By eating communally, we get to spend time with each other, meet new people, share ideas and learn about our various cultures.

Food that is prepared in larger quantities saves recourses, which of course, is another big bonus. When produce is harvested on the farm or bought in bulk, we reduce the amount of packaging that is brought onto the premises and therefore have less waste to manage. When washing up all at once, fewer detergents are used and less water is required.

If you do bring your own food to Terra-Khaya, please be conscious about the amount of wrapping that is used in the packaging; the less wrapping the less garbage to try and manage.

We do not have a bar on the premises, however we do keep a few beers, ciders, wines, whiskey and cool drinks in stock.


Please help us keep the farm in pristine condition by being conscious with litter, cigarette butts, etc. Smokers – please hold onto your butt ends and dispose them in one of the many ashtrays, fires or bins provided. We practice stringent recycling principles here at Terra-Khaya and littering in any form is strictly prohibited.

The first important step in this regard is to reduce the amount of packaging that is used.

If we cannot reuse something, it is either recycled into something useful here on the farm or taken to a recycling depot in the city. All tins, glass, plastic bottles & recyclable bags, poly trays and yoghurt containers are taken to our dedicated recycling area where it is separated and stored for use or recycling at a later stage. Any food leftovers are fed to our pigs and paper or paper products are used for starting fires.